Our Cyber Security Services

Security Incidents Response

Prepare your organization to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents to reduce negative impacts on your business.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Monitor and track suspicious activity in your networks and react promptly to contain and block possible attacks.

Security Information & Events Management

Increase visibility on malicious activities and take action fastly to block adversaries.

Patch & Vulnerability Management

Reduce your attack surface by identifying and correcting your weaknesses before hackers exploit them.

Forensics Investigation

Collect and ensure the integrity of evidence that will enable you to prosecute offenders to your systems with complete peace of mind.

Endpoint Security Management

Protect your workstations, servers and mobile devices using an defense in-depth  approach.

Network Security Management

Ensure the protection of the foundation of your IT infrastructure to ensure the security of services and business solutions.

Identity & Access Management

Simplify your GIA mechanisms and processes and reduce your costs and efforts by adopting solutions with optimized functionalities (Federation, SSO, etc.).