Intrusion monitoring and detection allow you to be proactive against sophisticated threats and attacks on your IT infrastructure, applications, business services and especially your critical data.
Your intrusion detection and surveillance needs are covered 24/7/365 by our cybersecurity specialists and experts. We also rely on effective technologies and solutions offered by our strategic partners. In addition, our architects can assist in the definition and implementation of your surveillance and intrusion detection strategy.

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To meet the surveillance and intrusion detection needs of our customers, we rely on our Security Operations Center (SOC) equipped with technologies (network probe and system [NIDS and HIDS], monitoring console, etc.), processes and procedures (ex. playbooks) and experts and threat intelligence. With our center, we

Monitor real-time IT infrastructure, applications and business services on-site or outsourcing (cloud computing)

Analyze security events in a continuous watch activit

Detect security threats, attacks, and incidents, including zero-day attack

Alert customers when they are targeted by hacker

Provide IoCs (IP address, URL, Domain, Hash, etc.) to clients

Advise clients on how to deal with attacks and incidents

We use tools, technologies, and software such as Snort, Surricata, Bro, Zeek, Wazuh, Sysmon, Syslog, Syslog-ng, OSSEC, SNMPv3, Elasticseach, Kibana, Logstash, Logcheck, etc.

We can also deploy solutions such as AT & T Cybersecurity USM and McAfee in collaboration with strategic partners

24/7/365 Monitoring and intrusion detection

Notification of attacks and security incidents

Technical security advisory

Incident reports and registers

Proactive threat detection and sophisticated attacks

Compliance (eg PCI-DSS)

Improved security visibility of the network and systems

Collecting of IoCs and evidence for investigation requirements

Improved incident response process

Here is why our customers trust us

Customers's Experience counts

CAPTOSEC takes the needs and requirements of its customers to heart.

We love the quality

CAPTOSEC relies on a holistic quality assurance process that helps enhance the deliverables and meet the customer’s satisfaction.

A motivated team with the right tools

By using right tools combined with good processes, CAPTOSEC meets the stakeholders’s expectations.

We always deliver on time

CAPTOSEC’s Security Professionals listen and collaborate with clients throughout all phases of projects.

Our security professionals are all certified

In addition to their experience and skills, Security Professionals from CAPTOSEC hold Industry certifications such as CISSP, CASP, C|EH, CISM, CISA, Security+, CCIE, RHCA, PMP, E|CIH.

Autre Expertise de CAPTOSEC

Conception, développement et amélioration des processus de sécurité de l'information

Élaboration et mise en oeuvre des politiques, des orientations et des lignes directrices de sécurité de l'information

Modélisation des menaces, Analyse de risques et Recommandations

Assurance Qualité des biens livrables en sécurité de l'information

Conseil, formation et sensibilisation sur la sécurité de l'information

Conception et développement des outils de sécurité (gabarits, formulaires, scripts, etc.)

Audit et Évaluation de la sécurité des Réseaux, Systèmes, Applications et Données

Accompagnement des clients dans leurs processus d'acquisition de logiciels et matériels

Test d'intrusion des Applications, Réseaux et Systèmes

Conception et Test des plans de continuité et de reprise d'activité

Protection des réseaux, systèmes et équipements de sécurité

Détection d'intrusion et investigation forensique

Accompagnement sécuritaire des projets

Notre Méthodologie

Nous comprenons les besoins et contextes du client

Nous validons avec le client, la portée et les livrables à produire

Nous collaborons tout au long des phases du projet

Nous utilisons des standards, bonnes pratiques et un processus d'Assurance Qualité