Corporate Governance of Information Security guarantees a better ROI

Today, IT and business environments are becoming more complex with the proliferation of a huge range of solutions in different fields such as virtualization, mobility, and cloud.

We recommend our customers to address the security of information at the highest level of organization. To that end, our team assists the Board of Directors and Senior Executives in the developing of effective governance to provide strategy direction and ensure that objectives are achieved.


Our Expertise and Activities

Development of information security policies, orientations and directives
Development of corporate information security strategy
Development and implementation of information security program
Establishment of information security management framework
Categorization of information assets
Information security training and awareness of stakeholders
Development of key performance indicator
Optimization of resources utilization

Key Benefits

Visibility into all security functions of the organization
Better control of your overall enterprise risks
Verifying that resources are used efficiently and effectively
Optimizing the allocation of your limited resources
Management gets more visibility of information security with key indicators
Assurance of effective security policy and compliance
Processes are better integrated

Our Methodology

We understand the needs and context of the client

We validate with the client, the scope and deliverables

We collaborate throughout the project phases

We rely on standards, best practices & QA