Building the security into your projects to mitigate risks

Many organizations think to the security aspects when they are ready to implement their service or product in production environment. As a result, cost and security risks are raised.


CAPTOSEC thinks otherwise and recommends to integrate security at the beginning of any business project so that security holes are identified early and addressed soon no matter the project (software development, servers acquisition, etc.). At each phase of the project, security requirements should be specified according to business objectives.

What we do

CAPTOSEC relies on the NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-64 Revision 2, Security Considerations in the Information System Development Life Cycle, to help organizations integrate security requirements and cost-effective security controls, in their planning for every phase of the system life cycle.


Our security experts perform the activities illustrated by the below high level overview of the security needs and components. They can also ensure that those activities are performed by customers or third party on behalf of our customers.

Some of the projects we can assist you include

Security information and event management solution

Incident response platform solution

Next generation security gateway

Custom applications for business purpose

  Cloud solutions (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)

Mobile device management solution

Our Methodology

We understand the needs and context of the client

We validate with the client, the scope and deliverables

We collaborate throughout the project phases

We rely on standards, best practices & QA