Monitoring and intrusion detection training

Objective: To prepare the participant to monitor networks and systems, and detect attacks on those assets.

  1. + Basic knowledge of IT security
  2. + Basics on Linux and Windows operating systems
  3. + Network Concepts (TCP/IP, OSI Model, Port, Socket, Packet, etc.)
+ Concepts of monitoring and intrusion detection
+ Collection and analysis of security logs and events
+ Identification of suspicious activities and behaviors
+ Analysis of vendor security bulletins and advisories (Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Oracle, etc.)
+ Create and update security rules and policies and signatures
+ Cyber security attack scenarios
+ Installing and configuring security onion
+ Identification of network and application attacks

TOOLS AND METHODOLOGY Laptop, SNORT, SecurityOnion, Wazuh, OSquery, OSSIM, Syslog, Sysinternal, Online supports.
DURATION 42 hours
Our experts have designed the courses by taking inspiration from proven learning methods:
+ Face-to-face and online training
+ Practical exercises and simulations
+ Demonstrations
+ Laboratories and workshops
+ Scenarios
+ Group Discussions
+ Self-Assessments

Flexibility in scheduling to fit your reality. A possibility of accelerated training over 2 or 5 days
An equipped training room (laptops, servers, video projector, etc.)
Our training targets newcomers or students at the end of their training, with an IT profile, as well as employees wishing to change careers.
At the end of the training, you can work as:
+ Cybersecurity analyst - SOC
+ Monitoring and intrusion detection analyst
On behalf of any organization, including the public service