SACTIS lets you know your level of

security compliance against current

standards and industry best practices

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What is SACTIS ?

SACTIS is a web-based audit and compliance solution that enables self-assessing the state of information security within an organization, based on current standards and best practices. SACTIS provides you with the following deliverables

Audit Questionnaires

Compliance Reports

Security Audit Reports

Security Guidelines

How It Works ?

Step 1

Create or Update your Profile

You need a profile to use SACTIS as the customization of audit or compliance reports utilize the information of your profile

Step 2

Define the scope and generate a questionnaire

Select the asset you want to audit or check the compliance, and the authority document. A questionnaire is automatically generated

Step 3

Fill Up The Questionnaire

Answer questions from the generated questionnaire. You can adjust the weight of each question according to your context

Step 4

Generate and Print the Report

Once all questions have been answered, you can generate the audit or compliance report

SACTIS by the Numbers

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SACTIS last year
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What People Says About SACTIS

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With SACTIS, you can

Assess your security posture

Know your security compliance status

Generate and print security audit questionnaires

Generate technical security guidelines

Ask more with SACTIS

Do you have a non-existent authoritative document?


If you want to add an authoritative document in SACTIS, send it by e-mail to and you will be notified once the audit and compliance questionnaire related to your document is available.