CapSOC Team monitors, detects and alerts you to

vulnerabilities and threats targeting your assets

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CapSOC helps you

prevent Securty Attacks

in your IT infrastructure.

Threats & Incident
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to mitigate impact of security incidents

CapSOC is a set of tools leading by experts

& Orchestration

A passionate cybersecurity team that continuously monitors your critical IT assets on-site and in the cloud 24/7/365 and allows you to anticipate attacks and incidents

Cyber Security Services from BABDOUM

Vulnerabilities Whatch

Tell us what software and devices are you using in your IT infrastructure, and our Security Analysts will notify you when you are affected by vulnerabilities 

Security Threats Monitoring

Our Security Analysts use relevant sources of threat information to analyze emerging threats and then, alert you on time

Intrusion Detection & Alerting

With security logs and events collected from your critical devices such as firewall, IDS/IPS, WAF, proxy, we notify you immediately when you are targeted by hackers

Security Incident Response

No matter of the source of security incidents, our CERT helps you respond quickly and reduce the impact on your business

Security Advisory

When require, we send you the security advisories on a regular basis, which include but not limited to, recommendations to reduce impact

Vulnerabilities Scanning

Our Security Analysts use scanner tools to identify weaknesses in your networks and systems, and provide you with actionable reports

Security Audits

If you suspect the compromise of your networks or systems, our CERT can audit your IT resources and recommend a risk mitigation action plan

Malware Analysis

We submit your malware to our sandbox and analyze their behaviour to recommend appropriate security controls

Forensic Investigation

Our Security Analysts use forensics tools & techniques to examine memory, disk image, network traffic and identify root cause of attack occurred in your organization.

CapSOC by the Numbers

1055 Attacks
Security Attacks
detected every day
Clients getting
benefits from CapSOC
Variant of malicious software
uncovered every day
302Incident Resp.
Number of interventions
we did last year
People showed their trust
for CapSOC