Our cyber monitoring and intrusion detection 24/7/365 services
of your IT assets on-premises and in the cloud help you anticipate
attacks and security risks

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We are now an EC-Council
Accredited Exam Center


CAPTOSEC offers PECB ISO training and certification
in Information Security and Cybersecurity

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OpenEYES improve your networks visibility,
and allows to anticipate Security Incidents

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Our Main fields of Expertise in Information Security and Cybersecurity

Information Security Consulting

CAPTOSEC assists you in the development and implementation of your policies and guidelines to protect your information and systems.

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Cybersecurity & Managed Services

CAPTOSEC's Security Analysts and Architects manage the security of your IT infrastructure, and enable you to focus on your core business.

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Security Assessment, Audit & Testing

CAPTOSEC identifies the gaps of your current practices vs security policies and standards, assesses your risks, and tests the security of your critical assets and controls.

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Cybersecurity training & Awareness

Our cybersecurity training targets newcomers or graduating students, with an IT profile, as well as employees wishing to change careers.

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Our Products & Solutions

Are you ready to survive after a data breach ?
CAPTOSEC is committed to helping its clients when incident occurs

Don't wait the worst, contact us now, we have the solutions for you

Try SACTIS directly online and let's see if you are COMPLIANT with ISO/IEC 270xx, NIST, HIPAA, CIS Critical Controls, OWASP, PCI, and other Security Standards and Regulations.
Compliance Reports Ready Security Guide Easy and Simple Save the money !
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Our Activities include

Design, development and improvement of information security processes

Development & enhancement of security policies, orientations, and guidelines

Threats modelling, Risks analysis and Recommendations

Quality Assurance of Deliverables in Information Security

Advice, Training & Awareness on information security

Design and Development of Security tools such as Template, Scripts, and Forms

Security audit & Assessment of Networks, Systems, Applications & Data

Assist the customers in their software and hardware acquisition processes

Penetration testing of Applications, Networks & Systems

Design & Assessment of Business continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Protection of Networks, Systems & Security Devices

Intrusion Detection & Forensics Investigation

Projects Security Support

Our Methodology

We understand the needs and context of the client

We validate with the client, the scope and deliverables

We collaborate throughout the project phases

We rely on standards, best practices & QA