Why do you need a secure architecture ?

Information systems are made up of many interconnected components that communicate in order to provide services. To ensure that the interaction between these components is optimized and reliable, organizations must develop and implement a global enterprise architecture serving as a reference for the design and implementation of their information systems. This architecture must take into account aspects of information security and information systems.


Enterprise Security Architecture (ASE) is a high-level document that describes a structured interrelation between the components at the business, process and technology levels. ESA avoids the development in silo of security solutions that could cause compatibility and security problems. In other words, ASE makes it possible to reduce the vulnerabilities by stating the orientations and the principles of security to respect when designing and implementing information systems. Our architects use TOGAF and SABSA as the standard.

We take into account, the business goals, environment, and capabilities when we design Information Security Architecture for our customers”, Elie Mabo, Information Security Architect

Key Benefits

  • + Better integration of security components
    + Aligning security objectives with the
    organization business needs
    + Establishing a coherent structure
    + Risks mitigation of poor configuration and interoperability
    + Ensuring an effective security and compliance policy
    + Processes are better integrated and optimized

Other Expertise from CAPTOSEC

Design, development and improvement of information security processes

Development & enhancement of security policies, orientations, and guidelines

Threats modelling, Risks analysis and Recommendations

Quality Assurance of Deliverables in Information Security

Advice, Training & Awareness on information security

Design and Development of Security tools such as Template, Scripts, and Forms

Security audit & Assessment of Networks, Systems, Applications & Data

Assist the customers in their software and hardware acquisition processes

Penetration testing of Applications, Networks & Systems

Design & Assessment of Business continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Protection of Networks, Systems & Security Devices

Intrusion Detection & Forensics Investigation

Projects Security Support

Our Methodology

Understand the needs and context of the client

Validate with the client, the scope and deliverables

Collaborate with the client throughout the project phases

Rely on Standards, Best Practices & Quality Assurance