Why do you need a enterprise architecture ?

Information systems encompass several components interconnected together to support and help achieve business goals and objectives. In order to ensure that interaction between those components is secured, organizations should develop and implement architecture of information system including security aspects.

Information security architecture (ISA) is a high level document that describes a structured inter-relationship between business components, process and technology. ISA allows customers to avoid the development of security solutions in-silo within the enterprise, which may lead to some compatibility problems. In other term, ISA helps achieve certain outcomes by describing how different security components should be linked and how they should communicate securely.

We take into account, the business goals, environment, and capabilities when we design Information Security Architecture for our customers”, Elie Mabo, Senior Security Architect

Key Benefits

Better integration of security components
Establishing a coherent structure
Risks mitigation of poor configuration and interoperability
Ensuring an effective security and compliance policy
Processes are better integrated and optimized

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