Targeted training to meet persistent needs

You are looking for new challenges in computer security and you are having trouble convincing employers, you want to change your domain or function within your organization and get into cybersecurity, we have what it takes for you.


At CAPTOSEC, Inc., we play an important role in reducing gaps in the cybersecurity workforce in Quebec, Canada and around the world.
Our cybersecurity training targets newcomers or students at the end of their training, with an IT profile, as well as employees wishing to change careers.

Our goal is to enable you to quickly find a job in cybersecurity and become productive from the first week of work. Achieving this goal requires a rigorous three-step process.

Our approach in three steps

Step 1- Participant selection

At the end of this step, a customized plan is developed based on several parameters including experience, availability and pre-requisites. The plan includes modules, duration, days and hours of training, training cost and payment terms.

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Step 2- Participant Training

At the end of this step, the participant receives a certificate and a list of job offers in cybersecurity on which he can apply.

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Step 3- Preparing the participant for the job interview

At the end of this step, the participant having previously chosen an offer of employment from the list provided in the previous step, is prepared (CV, interview) to apply for and pass his job interview.

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Our training program is divided into three specialties:

Penetration testing and vulnerability

This training will allow you to acquire knowledge and skills in performing application intrusion tests, network and system.

Monitoring and intrusion detection

This training will allow you to acquire knowledge and skills in monitoring and intrusion detection in corporate networks.

Security incident response and forensics

This training will allow you to acquire knowledge and skills in response to security incidents following security breaches.

Why train at CAPTOSEC?
You will have to deal with very experienced instructors, holding among others, certifications recognized in the industry (CISSP, CEH, CISM, CISA, CASP, Security +, etc.).
By transmitting knowledge (theoretical and practical) as well as sophisticated and contextual skills in the field of cybersecurity, CAPTOSEC provides a concrete and effective solution to the cyber challenges and threats facing many public and private organizations in Quebec, Canada , and elsewhere in the world.
You have covered in detail our specialties and you want to meet us for the development of your personalized plan, so contact us immediately.

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